The Bride King
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William Shuford


Manager of LOTM Wiki
Crossover Fan
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The Bride King is a supporter of Smash Bros Lawl. He's also the Manager of Legends of the Multi-Universe wikia. He is also a supporters of Legends of the Multi-universe and Disney vs Non Disney Villians.

In NOVEMBER 23, 2012, he joined World of Smash Bros Lawl Wiki. He was going to make his first spin-off, Smash Bros Lawl Dissidia. He left the Wiki in August 31, 2013 due to focusing on the future.

But in MAY 29, 2015 he returns to Smash Bros. Lawl and decided to make his two new Lawl series, "The Lawl Before Time" and "Lawl of Thrones". He was destined never leave again.

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  • Agito90
  • StevenStar777
  • Coolautiz 

More to come!

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  • Menslady125

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