Oswald Obbler


Oswald Obbler


Sock puppet



Now that Jon is gone, the people who dedicate themselves to that wiki are just trying to find ways to entertain themselves... by creating a stupid fictional characters and treating them as if they were real. Besides, they always overreact over nothing.


It'sOzzyObbler is a user who trolled the World of Smash Bros Lawl Wiki around mid 2013. He is the main antagonist of the Ozzy Obbler Saga. The mastermind bahend this sock account is a user named TheStarMan.


Obbler first appeared on the wiki by posting a blog in which he invited the female users down to his grandmother's basement. He saw himself as a bit of a ladies man even though everyone expressed iritation towards him. He was banned by GreenPunkEmoGirl for sexually harassing the female lawlers, but.. only to be temporarily unbanned to confront King Hades.