On 6 January 2013, I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE revealed in a video that he had lost all of the files on his mother's laptop due to a trojan virus. This marked the end of Lawl Ultimate.

Sadly, we do not have the video as ILAR has taken it down. It only contained a screenshot of his empty doument folder along with a soundclip from GameGrumps.


When the news broke out, the community was shaken. Fans and trolls alike were stunned by such an unexpected turn.

KoopavsFerbHater7575, in an effort to expose the impostor Collaterale1, mentioned that both Fake C1 and AwesomeSeaCucumber knew about the incident before it happened. While he was really trying to prove Sea was the fake C1, the readers picked up something else. They knew in their hearts that Sea had to be the culprit and went straight to blaming him.